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CUE Real Estate
1530 Parkmoor Ave, #B,
San Jose, CA 95128

Our foundation is built upon a commitment to our clients and executed through exceptional service.

Welcome to CUE Real Estate, where you will find a passionate, successful, fast-growing team of real estate specialists committed to providing the San Francisco Peninsula and South Bay with tech-driven, industry-leading results. As a group of successful professionals, we have intentionally chosen to align our unique strengths, talents, backgrounds, and interests to create the most positive home-buying or home-selling experience possible. As a result, we have achieved our goal of creating an unparalleled real estate venture designed specifically for YOU.

At CUE Real Estate, we understand the investment in Silicon Valley real estate can be stressful and overwhelming. In addition to requiring a large upfront investment, the process of a home-sale or home-purchase in the San Francisco Bay Area is not only complex but time-sensitive as well. To better serve you, CUE Real Estate operates upon a different philosophy than other real estate organizations. As Vince Lombardi once quoted, "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

To honor this philosophy, CUE Real Estate has invested in a team of proven experts to manage specific departments and tasks including: admin support, marketing, listing management, lead generation, staging, transaction coordination, and the closing process. These professionals allow your Realtor the ability to focus solely on you and your goals while simultaneously providing superior customer service, homes that match your specific criteria, a well-researched and detailed home valuation, and focused negotiating to provide you the best possible outcome. Most importantly, this distinction allows everyone at CUE Real Estate to accomplish each milestone with results, integrity, speed, and accuracy.

Everyone at CUE Real Estate thanks you for visiting and we are looking forward to the opportunity to join you in achieving your goals!

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